It’s small batch, craft coffee

Thomas Coffee’s history dates back to 1905 and has generations of experience in importing, roasting and blending the finest coffees in the world.

Ensuring great taste consistently is hard work and starts at the farms where we buy our “green” coffee beans. To grow good coffee, you need a balanced environment and a healthy, strong and content labor force. Since 1984, the La Minita certification has provided Thomas Coffee with a rich tradition of completely natural and sustainable farming techniques, water management systems and “Fair Trade” type practices (before Fair Trade was established and fashionable) that are necessary both environmentally and socially. These “Fair Trade” type practices have been recognized by both the Costa Rican and Colombian governments.

Our management practice of buying La Minita certified coffee is fundamental to the quality of our product and a principal reason for our success. We proudly offer our customers Thomas Coffee – Premium Blend, Dark Roast, 100% Colombian, Antioxidant Enriched, 100% Costa Rican, Decaffeinated, and our global single origin beans – with the assurance you are getting one of the finest coffees available in the world from a source that has established and practiced socially responsible farming methods and ideologies for over 25 years.

While coffee has been roasting in our current location since 1905, our goal is to be roasting fine quality coffees for generations to come. To do so, we need to maintain our commitment to providing the finest gourmet and specialty coffees available. Quality is the only consideration in the importing, roasting and blending our coffee. Thomas Coffee is dedicated to being your premier supplier of high-quality specialty coffees.

To that end, we have made significant investments in the business and operations of Thomas Coffee. A walk through our facility shows the evolution of the building, interspersed with fresh paint, new flooring and the latest amenities. Some of the original machinery, and those added through the years, chug away as they roast, blend and package the beans.

Whether you prefer whole bean, ground coffee, or single serve cups (perfect for your Keurig), we’ve got you covered. Shop Thomas Coffee now.

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Take a photo tour of our facility or read more about how we visit Hacienda La Minita to see the coffee harvest and ensure we’re receiving only the highest quality coffee beans.